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This is not as complicated as it sounds, rather it is a revolutionary technology that has helped traditional artisans save their necks and their eyes by using computed aided technology to create jewellery. The full form of CAD is Computer Aided Design and CAM is Computer Aided Manufacture. This is not just in the jewellery industries but in use across various industries. It helps to create consistent designs and reduce human effort and involvement. It also greatly reduces errors and production costs.

CAD is the first step where instead of pencil and paper, an artisan can create the design on computer. CAM comes after and deals with the designing, machining and final production of the product

HOW does CAD/CAM work in jewellery making? Does it take away the jobs of traditional goldsmiths?

CAD/CAM has about 4 types of modelling procedures for manufacturing jewellery. With the advancement of technology, such pathbreaking technology is now available for traditional crafts like jewellery making. This has helped in reducing the time and effort required by a goldsmith to create a piece. As jewellery making is an intricate craft, it requires precision and concentration that creates much medical issues in goldsmiths.

This revolutionary technology has helped them come out of their dark rooms into well-lit computer aided rooms where different models are used to create different patterns. No, it has not taken over their jobs as they are still needed to oversee the procedure of jewellery creation.