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You are unique and your jewellery should be unique like you.

SAK Jewellery Trading offers you a chance to design your own jewellery.

We undertake all orders of custom-designs for gold, diamond, platinum and silver items.

No, it is not a very difficult job. And no, you need not be an expert in drawing. Our design team at SAK Jewellery Trading are experts and only need an outline from you from which they can create the most beautiful jewellery. They are creative visionaries who can bring your imagination into reality and they love the challenge of creating something new and unique.

You do not need to have learnt the craft of jewellery making to create a custom design. Even your verbal cues are enough for us. The only thing you need to do is tell us what you like and what you don’t.

Do not fret over not finding what you had in mind in the many jewellery stores you visited. At SAK Jewellers, you can create your own custom jewellery and do not need to select something that your heart doesn’t truly desire.

Sometimes you find jewellery that seems good, but there is one element of that design that you hate. Jewellery is too expensive a deal to settle for what you get. At SAK, our artisans will create the jewellery item that suits your tastes and your needs. You can choose what elements you want, what stones, shapes, colours, etc you need and create a custom jewel within a limited period of time.

We have a great variety of designs and exploring through them, you may find what you like in different pieces to create that one unique piece of jewellery that is truly yours. Whether it is traditional, antique, casual or trendy pieces you like, we will work with you to create jewellery that fits your desires as well as your budget. Imagine being able to tell your friend that you designed that new earring or necklace. We promise you a fun, gratifying experience at SAK Jeweller.