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Why worry about money when you can sell your gold? Why wear outdated designs when you can exchange them for brand new one? You don’t need to worry about where to sell Gold in Dubai for cash.

At SAK Jewellers you can

Jewellery is not just a part of a fashion statement; it is an asset and an aesthetically pleasing wealth that will never be a wrong investment. Gold jewellery is not just a symbol of abundance but a smart choice and planned investment. At SAK Jewellers you can sell your old jewels or exchange them for newer, unique and marvellous models. It is also a great and valuable gift that can be given to your loved ones. Something that they will cherish forever.

Understanding Gold

To efficiently understand the process of gold business, it is important to be familiar with the term scrap gold. No, it is not gold that is waste but rather any gold item that is sent to a goldsmith or a refiner to be melted (cleaned in laymen terms) down. Any gold item that you sell too us is considered to be scrap gold and is sent to be processed to be converted into something else.

However, gold in general is not pure as it has to be mixed into an alloy to form jewellery. Hence, it has to be purified. When you sell us a jewellery item, it will be firstly cleaned of any debris and all the stones shall be removed before weighing it and deciding its value.

Gold is measured in terms of grams and ounces. The rate of the gold is deciphered by the daily rate in the International market, the weight of the item and the purity of the gold that is defined by how many karats it is of. The purest form of gold available in the form of jewellery is 24kt and the other forms available are- 9kt, 14kt, 18kt 21kt and 22kt. Most gold jewellery is made of 22kt gold while most diamond jewellery is set on a gold base of 18kt. The amount of other metal that goes into creating the jewellery brings down its karat value and subsequent purity. To calculate the purity of your jewellery, you need to divide the karat value of the product by 24 as in if you have a 9kt ring, the purity value will be 9/24= 0.375.

Scrap gold is measured in: