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Gold Price

Gold has always been the metal that humans have had a close relationship with. This yellow metal with its unique properties has caught the attention of men centuries back and even today gold has a special place in everyone’s heart. Not only the kind of adornment that it is but also the value that it has makes it the popular choice across the world. Gold has numerous uses and is, therefore, is in great demand from various fields. Apart from jewellery and investments, gold is also used in certain electronics and other related stuff.

Today, Gold bullions have a major part to play in investments. They are used by many for that so-called security that everyone longs for. Even though there are a lot of uncertainties in this domain gold is still considered an asset for a household.

Why Gold?

Now, this is something that many ask. It is not just gold that is out there with a shimmering look and immense value. There are other elements like silver, platinum, and diamond that have the potential to be a good investment for you. Then why should you go for gold?

Our Gold Price Charts

SAK jewellery is one of the most sought-after gold investment places in the UAE. With our reliable service and up-to-date gold price charts, you can completely rely on us for gold investments without a hint of doubt. We assure you the best selling price in all of the UAE.

Our gold price charts are ever-changing with the latest live gold rates. As we believe in complete client satisfaction and benefits, our gold price charts are live 24/7 accommodating changes based on the international bullion markets. Buying gold rate would never be a point of content for you with our service.

You can refer to the gold price charts available on our website anytime for knowing the selling price of gold in Dubai or the live gold rate in the international markets.

For easy understanding of the live gold rates, just click on the buttons on the top of the page to see the chart pop-up. You will be able to observe the live gold rate per ounce in terms of US dollars. This is because investors tend to track gold prices in ounces rather than grams. In a troy of an ounce of gold, there are 31.103 grams (31.1034768g) of gold. It is not only gold but also other elements like platinum and silver that have their prices gauged in terms of ounces. We have the rates of up to 7 days stored for you all the time. This way you can see the trend of gold rates that happened in the week before.